Kirsty Campbell: counsellor and psychotherapist in Cambridge

I am a fully qualified and BACP Accredited counsellor and psychotherapist working with all ages and issues from my practice in Cambridge.

You can contact me here.

At the moment I am fully booked and unable to take on any new clients. Please feel free to browse my website for information about counselling, however. 

What is counselling?

Counselling offers you a safe, confidential place to talk about your life and anything that may be confusing, painful or uncomfortable. Counselling is sometimes called psychotherapy. These are two different names for the same thing.


What happens in a counselling session?

Counselling sessions are a time for you to talk about whatever you wish. I will listen and try to see how it is for you. I will check with you that I am getting this right. I trust that anything you say is important in some way to you, and also that you have ways forward inside you. Without trying to do anything except talk about whatever you want to with me, I also trust that you will uncover those helpful resources within yourself.


How might counselling help?

After counselling, you might feel you can more fully be yourself, more easily be with others, and operate more constructively in your world. You may feel empowered to identify choices that you previously thought weren't there. You may have gained new insight into yourself or made sense of something that previously felt impossible. This is not because counselling gives you an 'answer' or an interpretation, but because you have taken time to explore with a supportive counsellor. The process is a little different for everyone, but as your counsellor I aim to journey with you through whatever form your process takes. 

Where next?

My counselling room is a safe space to talk

My counselling room is a safe space to talk

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