I offer INSET for teaching professionals

I am a qualified teacher as well as a counsellor and enjoy running training and workshops for teachers, which can form a valuable part of a school's INSET programme. If you would like further details on any of the training/workshops listed below, please contact me.

Kirsty knows her stuff! She was so approachable and knowledgable and changed my thinking - and hopefully my future practice - in one afternoon.
— Kate, Primary Teacher
Being ‘allowed’ to think about my barriers and my self care needs was a perfect start to the year.
— Veronica, Deputy Head

My specialisms are:

Self Care for Teachers

I would recommend everyone to attend one of these workshops at least every 6 months.
— Nadia, Teaching Assistant

Teachers do amazingly skilled and highly valuable work with children and young people. This can take its toll on their mental and physical health, and we all know teachers who have needed time off or have even left the profession due to stress. I can help teachers to see the benefits of prioritising their self care in order to work more effectively, rest more fully and cultivate better relationships with students.

I can do this as an INSET day or half day, or even give a flavour of the topic through a one-hour talk which can be fitted in after school. I can also tailor the training to the specific needs of your staff.

An excellent course which was conducted with purpose, relevance, understanding and empathy. Thank you.
— Simon, Year 6 Teacher
Thank you, this session was very useful, and easy to put into action immediately!
— Rachel, Key Stage 1 Leader/Class Teacher
A really insightful workshop that helped me to think about how I can help myself and be in the best form I can to help my class. Thank you!
— Eilis, Year 3 teacher

Attachment in the Classroom

Attachment is a concept that counsellors work with all the time, but a basic understanding can be incredibly enlightening and beneficial for all school staff. This workshop looks at how a child’s attachment style affects their learning and what staff can do to encourage positive outcomes.

This can be an INSET day or half day, or I can even give a flavour of the topic through a one-hour talk which can be fitted in after school. I can tailor the training to the primary or secondary sector.

Supporting Bereaved Children in School

Teachers frequently find themselves part of a child or young person’s support system when they are bereaved. Many children or young people might be meeting concepts of death and grief for the first time, and our response to them can make a great deal of difference to how they cope. This is a workshop to empower all staff to support children who have been bereaved.

This can be an INSET day or half day and I can tailor it to the primary or secondary sector. I can also make it specific to your school, if for example the whole school is dealing with the death of a pupil or teacher.


Examples of training/workshops I have offered recently are:

Self Care for Teaching Professionals - Arbury Primary School, Cambridge

                                                           - St Laurence Primary School, Cambridge

How can we best support teenage girls? - Bedford Counsellors’ Network

Challenging Gender Stereotyping – Amnesty International

Self Esteem workshop – Rainbows (part of Girl Guiding)

Me and my Emotions - Rainbows (part of Girl Guiding)

Managing Anxiety – The Ferry Project

Managing Depression – The Ferry Project

Managing Anger – The Ferry Project

I have also been working with groups of young people in a primary school for over a year to develop friendship skills and self esteem.

An amazing way to focus you on not only what is important about being a good teacher but a good friend to yourself, which in the long term makes you a better teacher and person.
— Sheila, Year 5 Teacher
A really brilliant workshop - thank you. Really insightful and really useful for my future!
— Sarah, Primary Teacher
The training was incredibly useful in allowing me to recognise how challenging a career in teaching can be and that I’ve actually been alright so far!
— Tom, Year 5 Teacher
I felt that Kirsty really equipped me with practical advice which would make me a more effective teacher. Thank you for your wise words.
— Ellie, Trainee Teacher
Thank you for giving us the time to think about ourselves and taking care of ourselves to be more effective in our busy teaching lives.
— Lizzy, Deputy Head
I will consciously take care of myself and acknowledge how I feel at the time, and use the list I made to impact on my wellbeing.
— Sophie, Teacher
Have that hot drink...it really is worth it!
— Charlie, Teacher