My work with teaching professionals

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Before I retrained to become a counsellor, I was a teacher. I loved my job and I will never forget the precious time I spent working with students. However, the pressures of a heavy workload, endless paperwork, constant new initiatives and all the 'extras' that stack up meant that I burnt out and ended up leaving after just five years.

Recent statistics show that I wasn't unusual: almost 25% of teachers leave the profession within three years of their initial training. They have a variety of reasons for leaving, of course, but one of the things I can help with is refocussing teachers on themselves. I find lots of excellent teachers put their own needs at the bottom of the pile, both in school and outside, which can lead to stress, anxiety, depression and complete burn out.

We shouldn't underestimate the amazingly skilled and highly valuable work teachers do. Working in such an intense way can take its toll on a teacher's mental and physical health, and we all know teachers who have needed time off or have even left the profession due to stress. I can help teachers to see the benefits of prioritising their self care in order to work more effectively, rest more fully and cultivate better relationships with students.

I run INSET workshops in schools on this topic, but perhaps you are a teacher on the verge of burning out, and are considering coming for counselling in order to get the help you need. I can offer you empathy, an insider's understanding of the context in which you work, and - most importantly - the time and space to figure out what you want to do next, whether that's finding a way to stay or finding the courage to leave. You can contact me here.

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