Why wait to seek help with your eating disorder?


It's National Eating Disorders Awareness Week this week and the theme this year is 'Why wait?' #WhyWait

Research by Beat (the leading UK charity for eating disorder help and support) shows that, on average, people wait 149 weeks between symptoms of an eating disorder starting and seeking help or treatment. That's almost 3 years of suffering in silence.


    ED experts know that the earlier treatment is sought, the better the chances of a person completely recovering from their condition. And, as EDs carry the highest death rate of any mental illness, this early intervention is crucial.

    But what if you've been quietly struggling along for years, hiding your ED from everyone? Or you're supposedly "recovered" but know in your heart that you're sliding into a relapse? Well, #whywait is for you, too. It's never too late to seek help and support for an ED.

    Recovery is difficult. It's rarely linear. It takes time and support and patience. But it IS possible. And if you start today, you'll be thanking yourself a year from now. And five years from now. And beyond!

    My own experience of ED has taught me that it's possible to claim your life back. What might YOU do, if you could have back all the time and energy that your ED claims from you? Don't wait any longer to find out!

    What next?

    • Go to Beat's website for some excellent recovery resources and advice
    • Contact me for counselling support for an eating disorder, no matter how serious (or not) you think it is or how long it has been going on
    • Visit your GP to start the conversation about getting help